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and if within 3 months you don’t like it…


So, You’ve just bought your new home, BUT…

  • What if the neighbourhood is not what you’d expected?
  • What if you get a job transfer just after you’ve bought the house?
  • What if you decide that the home just isn’t the right one for your family?
  • What if your great aunt left you a fortune and you decide to buy a mansion instead?

No Problem – at all!

If you’ve bought a home with Joel Ross, then you don’t need to worry. If within 3 months you want to sell your home, Joel Ross will sell your home for FREE.


Seems too good to be true… I hear that all the time, but with JoelRoss’ “LOVE IT or LEAVE IT!” guarantee, YOU ARE PROTECTED. If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied with your home in the first 3 months, Joel will sell your home for FREE!

Joel Ross’ unique guarantee sets himself apart from other White Rock and South Surrey area Realtors by standing behind his sales and looking out for the best interests of his buyers (that’s YOU).

When you think about it, buying a home is a huge decision that makes most people nervous and wondering…

  • Am I spending too much?
  • What if I win the lottery? (heaven forbid!)
  • What if the neighbours are noisy (… or nosy)?
  • What if I lose my job… will I still be able to afford this place?

Sound familiar?

While Joel strive’s to find you the right home in the right neighbourhood at the right price, it is always nice to know that your home comes with a protection warranty that gives you the reassurance that you’ve bought the right house.

It’s this added level of protection and safety with our “LOVE IT or LEAVE IT!” Home Buyer Protection Guarantee that allows you to buy with confidence. So go ahead and buy the house of your dreams… I’ve got you covered. If you’re not happy with your home purchase within 3 months, Joel will sell it for FREE!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will Joel really sell our house for free?

A Yes – Joel will not charge any commissions on the listing side of the transaction. There may be an obligation to pay a buyer’s agent commission and other closing costs, but you will owe Joel nothing!

Q How much does it cost?Joel Ross home buyer protection plan logo

A This service is absolutely FREE to you the buyer. We offer it to anyone who purchases a home through us.

Q How long is the home buyer guarantee good for?

A 3 months or less after the time your deal completes and title transferred to your name.

Q What’s the CATCH??

A None. It’s very simple… we will list your house for free while you begin to look for a new house. That’s it. No catch – nothing (go ahead… say WOW – it’s really that good!). Terms and Conditions apply.



Because I’m confident that I will guide you to the right house the first time!

Enjoy a worry free home buying experience. Call Joel Ross TODAY. (604) 808-2001.

“LOVE IT or LEAVE IT!” Home Buyer Protection Guarantee

No Obligation. Just Helpful Information.

Here’s how it works

  • If you find that within 3 months of the completion date that the home you bought with Joel Ross does not meet your needs, I will list it and not charge you the listing portion of the commission.
  • To qualify for this guarantee, you must purchase another property of equal or greater value using our services within the same market area as the initial house purchased.
  • The listing portion of the commission on your first home will be credited to you upon the final reconciliation of your new purchase.

General Conditions

  1. The Joel Ross “Love it or Leave it” Home Buyer Guarantee is solely designed to give you, the home buyer, peace of mind that the property you are buying satisfies your needs at the time of purchase.
  2. Should you wish to list the property within 3 months of purchasing, you will agree to an expected selling time frame and a list price set at a mutually agreed market value, determined by Joel Ross based upon current market conditions for your particular area and property. During this period Joel Ross will offer your home for sale under the terms of the “Love it or Leave it” Home Buyer Guarantee.
  3. To receive a credit for the selling portion of the commission of your original property, you must purchase another home of equal or greater value and have Joel Ross as your exclusive buyer representative for the transaction.
  4. Your new home purchase will be within the same market area (25 KM radius of initial home purchased).
  5. The cooperating brokerage representing the buyer of your the property receives 3.22% on the first $100,000 and 1.15% on the balance from the seller at time of completion.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


Joel was fantastic to work with – he got things set up immediately, helped us stage our house beautifully and the sale happened in two weeks.  Not only does he get the job done but he’s totally professional, funny and supportive, all at the same time. We highly recommend him.”

~ Kristine Theurer and Clayton MacKay, Ocean Park

Joel Ross home buyer protection plan logo