Does Your Home Appeal to Chinese Home Buyers

Joel Ross
Published on September 1, 2016

Does Your Home Appeal to Chinese Home Buyers

What Makes Your Home Attractive to Chinese Home Buyers

Make your home attractive to Asian and Chinese home buyers

Chinese home buyers have a unique set of criteria when looking for a home to buy.  If you are hoping for a Chinese buyer for your home, read these helpful tips to address as many of these concerns as possible before listing your home to sell.

  1. Chinese home buyers prefer newer properties that are low maintenance. This holds true for both the house and the yard.
  2. Numbers matter.  When looking for a house, the numbers 6, 8 and 9 are lucky numbers and are considered to bring luck, prosperity and wealth. The more 6, 8 and 9 numbers included in the house address or floor numbers, the better.  The number 4 should be avoided, as it sounds like the word ‘death’ to Chinese.  House numbers can be changed to make addresses more appealing to Chinese buyers.
  3. To Chinese home buyers, the shape of the land is important.  Most prefer lots that are rectangular shaped rather than pie or other odd shapes.
  4. The elevation is important as well, with many Chinese buyers preferring the lot to be flat rather than sloped.  If it is sloped, they prefer the back yard to be slightly higher than the front yard.
  5. Whenever possible, Chinese home buyers prefer houses that face south.  It’s not that they won’t buy a house that faces another direction, but this is generally their first preference.
  6. Swimming pools are not a drawing feature.  Many Chinese are not comfortable in the water and may not know how to swim, so having a pool is often considered a negative and not a selling feature.
  7. Chinese home buyers prefer not to have too many large trees on their property.  While they may still buy the property, it is not as attractive to them as it might be to other buyers.
  8. They prefer properties that have privacy hedges that block the neighbours, but not the sun.  Speaking of the sun, most Chinese buyers prefer the morning sun.
  9. Chinese home buyers prefer the high side of the street.  They prefer driveways that lead up hill to the house, rather than descend downwards to the house with entrances below street level.
  10. Chinese home buyers do not like houses located at a T junction in an intersection. The incoming noise, traffic and lights contribute to bad flow and are avoided if possible.
  11. Chinese prefer homes with a broad and attractive exterior.  For example, having the garage located at the front of the house instead of at the back will make the house look larger and increase its appeal to Chinese buyers.
  12. Clutter is a killer.  Chinese buyers consider clutter to rob one of their energy. So if you’re selling and hoping for a Chinese buyer, put as many things into storage as possible and keep your home clutter free.
  13. Chinese buyers are wary of death, and are reluctant to purchase a home in which someone has died.  Nearby graveyards or graveyards that are visible from the house will also scare away Chinese buyers from purchasing a home.
  14. For Chinese home buyers, having the front door and back door aligned is bad luck and should be avoided.  It is believed that the positive energy that comes in from the front door can escape out the back. Plants and furniture can be arranged so as to address these issues.

More tips on creating good Feng Shui in your home, this is another great resource.  If you’d like more information on preparing your home for sale, contact a knowledgable Realtor that can help guide you through the process.


Does Your Home Appeal to Chinese Home Buyers
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