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In our search for a condominium, our biggest fear was a lack of inventory and a surge in price. Both were realities at the time, but we managed to find a condominium that met our needs. Joel was patient, accommodating, and flexible, traits that are not universal in his line of work. We took to Joel’s demeanor because he did not demonstrate an insatiable appetite to ‘make a quick buck’. And, on our behalf, Joel worked expeditiously to secure a condominium that was to our liking. Joel made it happened, and then some! It is also important to note that we trust Joel because, at the time, he made himself available to us when we needed information, clarification, and guidance. In all, we recommend Joel to anyone looking to buy or to sell because he will work for you and with you, all the while having your best interest in mind. Thank-you very much, Joel! Barrie Carter, Behnaz Mehregani
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